Originating in America in the late 1960s, Masters swimming has rapidly spread to many parts of the world. East Anglian Swallow Tails was formed in 1987 after a group of swimmers felt there was a need for a Masters club and after much hard work by Jane Asher and a small dedicated committee. The club is still the only one in East Anglia formed solely for Masters and has a strength of over 100 members. Jane Asher is our Honorary Life President, and although living in London, gives us much support and encouragement: she continues her remarkable achievements as a world master champion in a variety of events. The officers and committee meet four times a year and their aim is to serve your interests. Suggestions and criticisms are welcomed and should be sent to the Chair.

Participants in Masters events compete against other swimmers in their own age group, in five year age bands, i.e. 25-29, 30-34 and so on.

In the British Isles there are a considerable number of clubs, many staging annual and other events (galas) and, if you intend to compete (and it need not be at a high level), you will have no difficulty in selecting a Meet to suit your ability. The camaraderie at galas is terrific; there is opportunity to make friends, have fun, and to learn – that is what Masters swimming is all about. Non-competitive members enjoy the company of others at our local sessions and at our various ‘social events’.